“I’ve been gigging with San Francisco as my base since 1993 and have had some talented folks work on my axes, but Chris is the best – straight up, hands down. Not only is his work great but his attitude makes him fun to be around. He’s a cool guy that loves music and instruments. After a few moments in his shop, this becomes obvious and you realize that your precious baby is in the right hands.”

– Brian Dean a.k.a. DARK KENT (A Band Called Pain, Kofy Brown, Eenor, Joyo Velarde, Amy Tobin)

“I found All Better Guitars on Yelp. I couldn’t ignore the glowing reviews. Christopher was friendly, professional and fast. I took my guitar in for a set up because i was getting some fret buzz on the low E string. Now, 3 days later, my guitar sounds better and plays easier than it did before I took it in. He encouraged me to play it in the shop before heading out to make sure that there were no adjustments required. He also reminded me that the set up is good for a year, so if there are any adjustments I need, they’re already paid for. If you’re looking for a setup, check out All Better Guitars.”

– Austin Willacy, (House Jacks, ‘Til Dawn, http://www.austinwillacy.com/)

“Chris has done a ton of work for us at Blue Man Group and also on my own guitars. He always does a great and thorough job. Whether its guitars, amps or any other gear you have, you’ll be happy you brought it to him.”

– Chris Dyas (The Cameramen, Orangutang, Trona, Ray Corvair Trio, Blue Man Group, The Lingering Doubts, The Get It!)

“Expert mods and repairs on amps, effects, and guitars both low-end and high. Chris made my instruments sing!”

– Elliot Sharp (Carbon, Terraplane)

“As a friend and collaborator of Chris for over 20 years, I can say with authority that his work is superlative. He always goes above and beyond to do the best job and has a religious attention to detail. He loves working on guitars and amps and it always shows in his work.”

– Ben Ratliff (Bourbon Sprawl, Earlwine, Sexfresh, The Muscatels)

“Chris Mulhauser is one of the most knowledgeable musical instrument technicians I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. He has a knack for discerning an individual’s needs and presenting the best options. He’s done much work for me on a variety of store-bought and home-made instruments and electronics in various states of disrepair, from small fixes to ground-up building, redesign and/or refurbishing. And I’ve been extremely pleased with the results! A bonus is that he’s a great musician with eclectic tastes, which I feel drives his desire to understand his craft. He is a a true master.”

– Jeff Turlik (Milligram, Stompbox, Blue Man Group)

“I’ve worked with Chris as a musical collaborator for over 10 years. He has also worked on a number of my guitars in that time. Most notably, he rebuilt an old Kay acoustic archtop guitar from scratch. That guitar still sings. Without reservation, I would recommend him as a top-notch player, expert guitar specialist and an honest businessman.”

– Emily Zuzik (solo artist, relentless collaborator, rocker mom, Sexfresh, The Get It!, http://www.emilyzuzik.com/)

“After watching Mully fix everything from amps to guitars to pedals to a vegetable oil-powered bus, I know that if Mully can’t fix it, it’s time to get a new one.”

– Ezra Gale (Molly Tigre, Aphrodesia, Bitches Brew, Super HiFi, Carne Cruda)

“One time I saw Mully go into his shop with some toothpicks and yarn and he came out with a twelve string guitar.”

– Matt Werden (Slow Death and Loneliness)

San Francisco's premeire guitar and amp repair provider