Thanks for stopping by, we’d love to talk to you about your repair needs, so have a look around and drop us a line. If you happen to stop by and I’m there, you are in luck, otherwise, I am available by appointment *only* for consultation and free estimates.

729 Heinz Ave
Building #15
Berkeley, CA 94710

(347) 907-0299

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The shop is right near the I-80 Ashby exit, off of Heinz Avenue. 729 is a parking lot, so come through the gate, between the two metal panther statues, go straight and and take the first right at the dance studio. It’s a little network of alleys back here, so take that right and come straight back, you will be looking right at building #15 at the end of the street there. Limited free parking is available. Unfortunately we no longer have any availability at Rocker Guitars in SF, but definitely go down there and BUY HIM OUT.

All Better Repairs is proud to serve the stringed instrument communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. We enjoy partnering with our customers to provide a new level of personalized service and insight. We specialize in acoustic and electric instruments, tube and solid state amplifiers, and audio/musical electronics. We enjoy and appreciate serving both the collector and the working musician alike. Whether you need a crack glued, an effects pedal brought back to life, your amp retubed, a customized electronics package for your instrument, a trusty mixer given a once over, a truly outstanding refret, or just the best setup you’ve ever had, come on by and talk to us. Store hours are highly flexible, but generally noon to 7PM, Monday thru Friday, although rehearsals and on-site business do interfere with a strict schedule, so if you have a minute, please call first. We are also often able to meet late night, if that suits your schedule better, by prior arrangement.

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